2014 NFL MVP Favorites, Odds and Free Picks

NFL MVP Odds Free Picks 2014

The buzz for 2014 NFL football has started as well as the two most important questions, first, who is going to win the Super Bowl (not the Cowboys) and secondly, who is going to win MVP? Today we look at the latter, taking into consideration the current odds as well as some initial gut reaction.


Peyton Manning (7-2)

Last year was amazing, but amazing rarely occurs two years in a row in Denver, plus that Super Bowl defeat had to hurt. I mean even “the bride” would have given up after that whipping. No ‘Kill Bill’ sequel and no repeat MVP performance for Manning.

Bet: $0


Drew Brees (8-1)

Brees is always in the conversation, but hasn’t put up an MVP worthy season for a few years now. Brees is 35 and the Saints are not the powerhouse they were a couple years back. Still, at 8-1 it’s worth throwing a couple dollars down.

Bet: $10 (win $80)

Tom Brady (10-1)

The rare example of someone who came into the league vastly underrated and will leave (eventually) overrated. Brady had some amazing MVP seasons, but those are way in the past.

Bet: $0


Ben Roethlisberger (100-1)

Pittsburgh fans still believe in “Big Ben.”

Bet: $0, unless you live in Pittsburgh, then $300 to win $30,000.


Aaron Rogers (8-1)

How did Rogers become such a veteran already? The Packers now need to worry about wear and tear and his next extension – oh how the time flies by. The good news is Rogers is still in his prime (1-3 years remaining for typical MVP like numbers – note: many exceptions, known as the Warren Moon exception). Personally I think he is one of two favorites so I will give him some love despite the unfriendly odds.

Bet: $20 (win $160)


Now we’re talking – would anyone be shocked to see any of the four below win? No and look at those odds. This is where I suggest you look to invest, where talent and good odds meet.

Cam Newton (20-1)

If you like Newton I suggest jumping on this one right away because barring injury, the odds will decrease.

Bet: $30 (win $600)

Calvin Johnson (20-1)

Some would argue he has deserved the past two seasons, but because he’s a receiver he has no chance. I agree, but if no one else steps up the past two seasons may help if he puts up strong numbers again this year.

Bet: $10 (win $200)

Andrew Luck (25-1)

In my opinion here is the best value. After last season Luck could easily come out and toss 30 touchdowns.

Bet: $20 (win $500)

Adrien Peterson (25-1)

Here’s my favorite, and yes I know he is not a quarterback and is injury prone. However, what if he makes it through healthy?

Bet: $30 (win $750)


Find all 2014 NFL MVP Odds Below…

NFL Regular Season MVP Odds 2014

Player Moneyline Odds
Peyton Manning   +350
Aaron Rodgers   +650
Drew Brees   +800
Tom Brady   +1000
Jay Cutler   +2500
Calvin Johnson   +2800
Robert Griffin III   +3000
Andrew Luck   +3000
Adrian Peterson   +3000
Colin Kaepernick   +3500
LeSean McCoy   +3750
Russell Wilson   +4000
Dez Bryant   +5000
Matt Ryan   +5000
Cam Newton   +5000
Matthew Stafford   +5000
Nick Foles   +5000
Eli Manning   +6500
Tony Romo   +6500
Jamaal Charles   +6500
Demaryius Thomas   +7500
AJ Green   +7500
Matt Forte   +7500
Jimmy Graham   +8000
Brandon Marshall   +8000
Marshawn Lynch   +10000
Joe Flacco   +10000
Ben Roethlisberger   +10000
Philip Rivers   +10000
Rob Gronkowski   +10000
Alshon Jeffery   +10000
Antonio Brown   +10000
Julio Jones   +10000
Reggie Bush   +10000
Victor Cruz   +10000
Josh McCown   +12500
Eddie Lacy   +12500
Jake Locker   +12500
Percy Harvin   +12500
Alex Smith   +15000
Matt Schaub   +15000
Larry Fitzgerald   +15000
Andy Dalton   +15000
Arian Foster   +15000
Alfred Morris   +15000
Chris Johnson   +15000
Greg Hardy   +15000
JJ Watt   +15000
Luke Kuechly   +15000
Ryan Tannehill   +15000
Montee Ball   +20000
CJ Spiller   +20000
Giovani Bernard   +20000
Zac Stacy   +20000
Ryan Mathews   +20000
Brian Hoyer   +20000
Carson Palmer   +20000
Chad Henne   +20000
EJ Manuel   +20000
Matt Cassel   +20000
Michael Vick   +20000
Richard Sherman   +20000
Robert Quinn   +20000
Sam Bradford   +20000
Von Miller   +20000
Knowshon Moreno   +25000
Frank Gore   +25000
Darrelle Revis   +25000
Patrick Peterson   +25000
Ryan Fitzpatrick   +25000
DeMarco Murray   +30000
Ray Rice   +30000
Geno Smith   +30000
Johnny Manziel   +40000
Cecil Shorts III   +50000