2015-16 NFL MVP Futures Expected Odds

The 2015-16 NFL Season is finally within reach – just over two more months! With that we begin looking at futures bets, today a look at some of the candidates for MVP. Given most sites have not starting taking bets it’s the perfect time to see what would be good value and at what odds would be a good bet.


Aaron Rodgers

Repeating is damn near impossible and given a lot “broke” right for the Packers I expect him to be in the conversation, but not win.

Expected Odds: 4/1

JJ Watt

Simple, repeat last year’s performance and defense finally wins another MVP!

Expected Odds: 8/1

Andrew Luck

Luck is most likely the next QB to take “the step.” I like Luck assuming his odds come in at or higher than expected.

Expected Odds: 7/1

DeMarco Murray

Running back that gets traded after a career year? No thanks.

Expected Odds: 5/1

Tom Brady

There is just no counting out Brady; however, his odds usually don’t offer enough value to take a flyer on him.

Expected Odds: 6/1

Peyton Manning

Somehow very relevant to this discussion (assuming he’s on the field).

Expected Odds: 5/1


Sam Bradford

New team and although we don’t even know if he is definitely the starter he will be given some opportunity on an offensive oriented team. Potential great value here!

Expected Odds: 25/1


Marshawn Lynch

Lynch is too much of a head case with his best days behind him, plus no value.

Expected Odds: 4/1

Russell Wilson

He is a lot of things, a gamer that wins games. Wilson is no MVP though.

Expected Odds: 12/1

Matthew Stafford

My typical long shot pick that I have given up on. Of course this could be the year so lock in early if you are still a believer.

Expected Odds: 30/1


Le’veon Bell

There is already a buzz building around Bell. Sure, he’s a great running back, but I’m not sold on being even the best at his position.

Expected Odds: 6/1

Eli Manning

For whatever reason Manning gets a lot of love and his MVP odds are lower than they probably should be. Manny was built to win Super Bowl MVP awards, the not regular season MVP.

Expected Odds: 10/1