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Potential High Scoring Games, Week 15

high scoring dfs games week 15

When picking your Head-2-Head or GPP lineups, its important to try to isolate high scoring games. If your lineup is loaded/stacked in high scoring matchups, where fantasy points are prevalent, you will possess high scoring daily fantasy lineups. Lets take a look at potential high scoring matchups for Week 15. For the table below, we have taken… Read more »

DFS Picks Week 15: Values and Sleepers to Target

DFS Sleepers week 15 John Brown touchdown

When building your DFS rosters, it’s all about setting your core…then diversifying.  Find some value…then sprinkle in some sleepers.  Next thing you know – you will have yourself a profitable week. OWR helps identify these players by crunching the numbers on a weekly basis.  Various stats and rankings are measured to determine the best daily fantasy players/lineups to… Read more »

Shifting from DFS Football to DFS Basketball

With just three regular season games left on the NFL schedule, fantasy football season is rapidly nearing its conclusion. That leaves daily fantasy sports players to consider the question, “Should I continue on with other DFS options like basketball?” Transitioning from fantasy football to fantasy basketball (or golf, or MMA, or soccer…) isn’t always easy… Read more »

What the Sports Bettor Can Teach the DFS Player

Are daily fantasy sports a form of gambling? That’s a question that’s come up plenty in the DFS world lately, especially Attorney Generals in states like New York, where DFS is under a legal microscope. We’ll leave the final call to the lawyers but we will say this, DFS players can, and should, be drawing… Read more »

3 Daily Fantasy Sports Mistakes You’re Still Making

We’re 12 weeks into football season and most new daily fantasy sports players have figured out what they’re doing and how DFS is different from season long leagues. But, as any experienced sports bettor will tell you, the moment you start thinking that you know what you’re doing, you’ll start losing. That’s why DFS newbies… Read more »

Which DFS Positions Are Worth Paying Big Bucks For?

The most important decisions any daily fantasy sports (DFS) player can make happen when they divvy up their salary money and pick out their week’s lineups. How much a player is willing to spend on each position plays a massive role in whether or not that player winds up on the right side of the… Read more »

Is DFS a ‘Game of Skill’ or a ‘Game of Chance’?

What’s more more important to your daily fantasy sports (DFS) strategy, skill or luck? That might sound like a rant delivered from a bar stool, but the answer to that question holds the key to the DFS industry in the United States. Gaming regulators and lawyers in a growing number of states are looking to… Read more »

Shifting Your Strategy from Traditional FF to DFF

The NFL’s 2015 season is hitting its mid-way point and daily fantasy football (DFF) players are starting to notice something; the strategies that make for a successful traditional, season-long, fantasy football lineup aren’t always the strategies that make for a successful DFF lineup. If you’ve been having trouble switching gear to the DFF format from… Read more »

Hey DFS Players: How Big’s Your ‘Unit’?

Daily fantasy sports players who want to finish out the season in the black should probably take a break from their expected value spreadsheets and take some time to think about money management. And even though daily fantasy sports are a relatively new phenomenon, there’s already a very established, and very effective money management system… Read more »

What’s Your Daily Fantasy Football Kicker Strategy?

Kickers are usually the most overlooked players on any football team whether it’s the NFL, NCAAF, or daily fantasy football. While your kicker isn’t the player who’s going to rack up huge points for you week-in/week-out, they’re also not players you want to overlook. After all, it doesn’t take too many 50+ yard field goals… Read more »