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March Madness + Brackets + Cheerleader = WIN

College Basketball cheerleaders…you will be honored. Lets not talk to much, because honestly…if your reading this text…something is wrong with you. So lets jump right to the gallery. FYI…if your in the Market for a new sportsbook…check out our Top Online Sportsbooks.  These links help support OWR. ***  

A-Rod Ready to Hit Bombs, Dates Hot Chicks in 2015?

In the 2nd biggest news story of the day, ESPN Reports the Alex Rodriquez is “ready” to hit bombs, and date more hot chicks in 2015… Its reported that Alex has never been so prepared for his off-the-field personal life. “Its been going well (personal life)” Alex describing his personal life. When asked about the… Read more »

OWR Hot “Pic” of the Week

This week the NBA is kicking off the second half of their season. The Atlanta Hawks have the best record and the team was given the Eastern Conference Player of the Month award for January. Regardless of how you feel about this, I’m thinking the Hawks cheerleaders deserve some love as well. That’s why OWR… Read more »

Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders Gallery – OWR Girls

The Phoenix Suns are on fire. Current at 26-19 ATS on the season, the Suns have been making bettors very happy… Do you know what else has been making the NBA bettors very happy? Watching the Suns cheerleaders interlude commercial breaks! Let us honor the 2015 Suns Cheerleaders with the following OWR Girls gallery. Enjoy!

Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders, OWR Girls

In light of the  recent Atlanta Falcons absolute drubbing of the Tampa Bay Bucs in Week 3, OWR feels its an excellent time to honor the Falcons franchise.  We cannot think of a better way to do this than… Highlight the Falcons Cheerleader squad! Enjoy the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader gallery…

Hockey Ice Girls – OWR Sports Girls

As I sit here tonight, and watch Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals (Rangers just went short handed to go up2-1)…I think to myself… Let us all Celebrate the NHL Finals and show the World all the beautiful NHL Hockey Ice girls! So sit back and enjoy the picks…and the rest of the NHL… Read more »

Tampa Bay Bucs Cheerleaders, Gangnam Style

Bucs Cheerleaders Doing Gangnam Style Dance

What do you get when you mix together few hot Buccaneer cheerleaders, a mascot and a video camera? You guessed it – a Gangnam Style Parody video!  And let me tell you. They nailed it. Do people know what this “Gangnam Style” dance is?  This is the first I have heard of it (I am glad I… Read more »