OWR 2016 NFL Championship Recap and Super Bowl 50 Thoughts

Well, at least one of the games was interesting which leaves us a Super Bowl of Denver vs. Carolina, let’s first take a look back at what we learned.

New England at Denver

  • Man, I was really wrong on this one. Clearly, I continue to underrate Denver’s defense
  • Did I mention how impressed I am with Denver’s defense
  • So is a Peyton Manning at 50% equal to a Trent Dilfer at 100%? I say yes if your defense is good enough…
  • That last Rob Gronkowski touchdown catch was pretty awesome!

Arizona at Carolina

  • Nailed my lock of the week (which is good because I screwed up the other game)
  • Carolina is the full package on both sides of the ball. We knew that, but yeah…
  • Playoff Carson Palmer is not the same as Regular Season Carson Palmer
  • Not much more to say, that one was ugly

Thoughts on Spread and Line for Super Bowl 50

  • Carolina is favored at -3.5, early indication that is likely to move to -4/-4.5; for those that like Carolina, best to lock in now – it’s not going the other way…
  • The Over/Under is at 44.5 points, not sure how I feel, but definitely seems “low” to me…
  • An early reason to like the underdog (Denver) is that Carolina is very dependent on Newton on offense, if he gets hit by a truck, could be an issue
  • Dear Cam: Please stay away from trucks

Stay tuned to OWR over the next two weeks as our Super Bowl 50 coverage will include keys to the big game, best places to make your bets, prop betting and of course, Super Bowl 50 Free Picks!