OWR Super Bowl MVP Analysis and Free Pick

The first bet we are going to look at is Super Bowl MVP. Now, picking the MVP pretty much also means you are picking your winning team, which is true, but doesn’t necessarily mean they beat the spread. This year it’s all about the quarterbacks, Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. There are others though you should consider that will bring good odds and value.

QB – CAM NEWTON (Carolina) 5/8

The favorite, will probably win and everyone knows it. There is no value here.

QB – PEYTON MANNING (Denver) 3/1

QB has won 27 out of 49 Super Bowl MVPs and 5 out of the last 6 so if you like the underdog this is a good bet for you.

MLB – LUKE KUECHLY (Carolina) 14/1

Two years ago linebacker Malcolm Smith (Seahawks) won at 25/1

OLB – VON MILLER (Denver) 18/1

Getting closer to value and Miller is a game changer. I like this pick.

RB – C.J. ANDERSON (Denver) 18/1

Last time a running back won MVP was 1998, the Broncos Terrell Davis won the award.

RB – JONATHAN STEWART (Carolina) 20/1

WR – TED GINN (Carolina) 22/1

I just don’t see game-changer here…

WR – BRANDON MARSHALL (Denver) 150/1

Don’t be tempted, even betting just a dollar is wasting a dollar.


So I’m going to put down a couple bucks on two guys, both Demaryius Thomas and DeMarcus Ware have game-changing ability and name recognition that will help if they find themselves in the right place at the right time. These picks are obviously unlikely, but at 30/1 good value for me.


DE – DEMARCUS WARE (Denver) 30/1