Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers Free Pick

Happy Ground Hog Day everyone! In addition to celebrating the arrival of spring, Super Bowl 50 is only five days away. Here’s my pick to win Super Bowl 50.

Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers (-5.5)

The line opened at -4 and since move a full point and a half, that’s a lot. Granted Carolina dominated the regular season and has not let up in the playoffs. Cam Newton should be the unanimous MVP and their defense is brutal. Hey, what about those Broncos. Now just listen, I’ve got a case to make…

  • Many are quick to point to the Seattle game just two years ago. That was a different Broncos team, a team built on offense.
  • Denver’s defense is the best in the league, the best, better than Carolina’s defense.
  • Super Bowl 50 can’t go as bad as their last Super Bowl; remember the opening snap to Manning? No way…
  • It’s likely Manning’s last game – there is no better walk off story.
  • What if Manning still has some bullets left he’s been saving for this chance? If that’s the case this could play out better than a Rocky movie.

Okay, so the Carolina offense is good, good enough to pencil in 30 points. Now if Manning can make a couple of plays I don’t think 20 points is out of the question for Denver. That’s Carolina winning 30-20. What if Denver’s defense makes a key play, taking away one of those shining Cam moments and turns it into points. Instantly we could have a 27-23 Broncos win. This game is all about turnovers and Denver has the better defense. What do you think?

You know what, scratch that. Carolina is totally winning this one by more than a TD. That’s where my money is going.

PICK: Carolina -5.5

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