Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers Over/Under Free Pick

Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers (over/under 45 points)

Hey, did you hear? There’s a big game this weekend: Super Bowl 50! The over/under started at 45 points and hasn’t moved. I’m having trouble containing myself – only 45 points?

Since 2009 only 1 game didn’t go over 45 points. So…why is the line so low? Sure, you can point to the defenses, but these defenses score points.

Look at all the ways these teams can score points this Sunday.

  • Cam Newton, enough said
  • Carolina’s defense – it’s good, really good at turnovers
  • Denver’s defense – it’s better than Carolina’s
  • Peyton Manning – he could surprise for a couple of scores, or give up turnovers or get injured…
  • Brock – should the Broncos backup get put in, expect turnovers
  • Did I mention Cam? He’s good for at least 24 on his own!

This game could have 16 points at the half and I would still take expect this game clears 45 points.

I really want to drop a lot of curse words (out of excitement), most starting with “Mother”, but alas, I leave you with my last lock of the year.

PICK: Over 45 points