Super Bowl XLVIII Review

Well, if that wasn’t one of the worst Super Bowls you’ve ever seen, that’s nothing short of a sign of your age. That was one of the biggest blowouts I’ve seen in such a big game and easily the worst Super Bowl in the last decade-plus. Which means, unless you thought it was going to be all Seattle (stupid me for picking against the sharps), you got hurt big time.

It pains me to have to relive what is supposed to be the best football game of the season, but let’s start with the game itself, which I expected to be at least relatively close. If you told me Seattle was only going to give up eight points, I would’ve laughed and at the very least guaranteed the under. However, the Broncos offense, defense and special teams all equally contributed to the Seahawks point total. The total went over after four second half touchdowns, and clearly the Broncos didn’t cover.

The game started disastrous for us Broncos backers as a terrible snap on the first play led to a safety. The defense was actually promising in the first quarter, holding Seattle to two field goals, unfortunately none over 43.5 yards.  That was the last time the game was close as an Seattle interception and pass interference call in the endzone led to a Seattle touchdown (lost the shortest touchdown prop). Manning and the offense were completed suffocated by Seattle’s defense and the future Hall of Famer threw his second interception of the game, this one was brought back for six (costing me the defensive touchdown and longest touchdown props).

Hopefully you stopped watching there or after the halftime show…

There wasn’t a single bright spot in this game for me, as I finished with under 40 percent correct in my prop picks and got the game and total incorrect. That’s the risk I took going all-in on the Broncos, if i had done the same thing but with Seattle, I would certainly be singing a different tune. Actually, I’ll take a small ounce of pride in picking Baldwin to do so well. He was the leading receiver and could have been a potential MVP candidate if not for the pick-6 by Smith and the kick return touchdown by Harvin.

Final Score

Seattle Seahawks 43
Denver Broncos 8

Seattle +2.5, Over 48

MVP: LB Malcolm Smith – 10 tackles, 1 pass defensed, 1 interception returned for a touchdown

It will be interesting when we start looking into next season whether or not more teams look to focus on their defense. It may be an offensive league that thrives on passing and big plays, but the saying remains “defense wins championships.”

It’s not how I was looking to finish the NFL season, but at least we have basketball for the next few months. Let me know how you did on the big game and hopefully your success story will lift my spirits.

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