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Daily Fantasy Review of and Recap


My experiment (like my experiment) did not go well. You know it’s bad when the outcome of Monday night doesn’t even matter. Simply, I got my ass handed to me. The problem is I still don’t know exactly where I went wrong except that I didn’t pick the “top” performer in 3 out… Read more »

#4 Tiger Woods Is Back, Maybe…OWR Pop Culture Rankings!


Each week OWR ranks the best of Pop Culture. Have comments, nominations or comments? Email the OWR mailbag: #10 50 Cent Broke ass rapper should team up with M.C. Hammer. #9 Home Run Derby It’s back! Now can we fix the NBA Slam Dunk Contest? #8 MLB Trade Deadline Buyers and Sellers, Buyers and… Read more »

#6 The Peaches Are Back …OWR Pop Culture Rankings!


Each week OWR ranks the best of Pop Culture. Have comments nominations or comments? Email the OWR mailbag: 10. Dusty Rhodes One of the wrestling trail blazers, RIP man 9. The NBA Finals It’s Faaaantastic! 8. Prison Breaks! It’s like every day there’s another Shawshank story. 7. LeBron James Can he be the first… Read more »

#8 God Hates The Knicks…OWR Pop Culture Rankings!


Each week OWR ranks the best of Pop Culture. Have comments nominations or comments? Email the OWR mailbag: 10. Golden State Warriors Exciting NBA basketball is back! 9. Minnesota Timberwolves Like the 76ers without the blatant tanking. 8. Loser: New York Knicks Dropped from number 2 to number 4; it’s as if God hates… Read more »

Where’s the next stop for Bill Simmons? OWR Wednesday Mailbag!


Welcome to the Wednesday OWR Mailbag! Have a question about betting, sports, pop culture or tacos? This week we cover the Clippers, white wine and the “rape sandwich” otherwise known as a hoagie. Email us at   Last week I was in Vegas…hold on. I was there with my 2 year old son. Still, I… Read more »

OWR Hot “Pic” of the Week


This week the NBA is kicking off the second half of their season. The Atlanta Hawks have the best record and the team was given the Eastern Conference Player of the Month award for January. Regardless of how you feel about this, I’m thinking the Hawks cheerleaders deserve some love as well. That’s why OWR… Read more »

NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat at Indiana Pacers Game 1 Free Pick

Miami Heat @ Indiana Pacers (+2.5) Series Tied 0-0 When: Sunday, May 18 Time: 3:30 PM ET Channel: ABC Well, we all knew the Miami Heat would end up here but it was a winding road for the Indiana Pacers. The teams split the season series, each winning at home, and if Indiana wants to… Read more »

Quick Picks: Indiana Pacers @ Washington Wizards

Indiana Pacers at Washington Wizards (Total: 179.5) Indiana Leads Series 2-1 When: Sunday, May 11 Time: 8:00 PM ET Channel: TNT I’m going to play the odds in this game. Indiana looks a bit revived and after the Wizards lit them up for 102 points in the first game, the Pacers tightened up defensively and… Read more »