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OWR 2016 NFL Championship Recap and Super Bowl 50 Thoughts

Well, at least one of the games was interesting which leaves us a Super Bowl of Denver vs. Carolina, let’s first take a look back at what we learned. New England at Denver Man, I was really wrong on this one. Clearly, I continue to underrate Denver’s defense Did I mention how impressed I am… Read more »

OWR 2016 NFL AFC Championship Game Free Picks

New England at Denver -3 Ironic how the year of the 50th Super Bowl we also get Brady vs. Manning part 50…wait, it only feels that old…Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are in different places these days, Brady is still elite while Manning is relying on his veteran savvy. Defensively, Denver has a slight edge,… Read more »

2015 NFL OWR Week 4 Team Rankings

Almost a quarter of the way through so it’s time to call out the fakers. Miami and Baltimore I think are better than their initial 2015 play, but they have dug holes, deep holes. Meanwhile, out west, Arizona is looking like a real contender. Can you imagine Arizona vs. Cincinnati in the Super Bowl? Thank… Read more »

2015 NFL OWR Week 3 Team Rankings

So I guess it’s safe to say the NFC East is going to be interesting, I mean with all the injuries and under performing Washington could win the division. Think about that! The NFC is is shambles, looking across the league it looks like chaos. Take away New England and Green Bay and who do… Read more »

2015 Super Bowl: Thoughts on the Spread

You probably know by now that the line is even or “Pick” for the Super Bowl. That isn’t how it started; in fact Vegas had Seattle as a 2.5/3 point favorite depending where you looked. After New England’s crushing blow to the Colts a rush of money got placed on New England. Does that mean… Read more »

2015 Super Bowl Prop Bets: Over/Under Deflate-Gate Mentions

Sports broadcasters are really the worst (unless it’s Troy Aikman – he’s the best). Most want to be dramatic and will use certain phrases over and over again. This year, given New England is in the middle of a lot of controversy; expect lots of references to their alleged discretions as well. For Vegas, it’s… Read more »