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OWR Super Bowl MVP Analysis and Free Pick

The first bet we are going to look at is Super Bowl MVP. Now, picking the MVP pretty much also means you are picking your winning team, which is true, but doesn’t necessarily mean they beat the spread. This year it’s all about the quarterbacks, Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. There are others though you… Read more »

OWR 2016 NFL NFC Championship Game Free Picks

Arizona at Carolina -3 Modern times have shown home field in the playoffs is only a slight advantage, but having this game in Carolina is a really big deal. With support at home Arizona looked off their game, how will they perform at Carolina? Keys to the matchup: Carolina playing at home is a huge… Read more »

OWR NFL Week 17 Free Pick: Washington at Dallas

Washington at Dallas (Pick) Let’s first look at Washington. They don’t have a lot to play for really, they are in the playoffs and will host a game in round 1. I guess that is why odds makers have put this game at “Even” because Washington is a much better team. Dallas is in full… Read more »

OWR NFL Week 17 Free Pick: Tennessee at Indianapolis

Tennessee at Indianapolis (Pick) I realize the Colts are a mess and may be starting a third stringer at quarterback, but this is a “final stand” game where they can at least get to .500 for the year. They have nothing else to play for so they will be ready. Factor in it’s the Titans… Read more »

OWR NFL 2015 Week 17 Rankings, News and Notes

Highlights heading into week 17: Sorry about the jinx, Carolina Green Bay doesn’t feel like a top ten team anymore, do they? Cincinnati vs. Arizona – Super Bowl 50 – NOOOOOOO! 2015, Three surprises: Car, Ari, Was 2015, Three disappointments: Ind, Buf, Det 2015, Three laughable collapses: Phi, Dal, NYG 2015, Three teams that still… Read more »

OWR NFL Week 16 Free Pick: St. Louis at Seattle

St. Louis at Seattle (-13.5) Yes, I do believe Seattle will win this one, but the Rams always play Seattle tough. In the NFL any game over 10 points is suspect and as good as the Seahawks have been playing they are very…VERY weak and beaten up in the backfield. The Rams play competent defense… Read more »

OWR NFL Week 13 Free Pick, Jacksonville at Tennessee

Jacksonville at Tennessee (-2) If I bet on this game do I have to watch it? Might as well see if the Browns can make an appearance, this game has dull written all over it. That doesn’t mean there isn’t money to be made though. Jacksonville is getting better people! It’s true and they have… Read more »

OWR NFL Week 12 Free Pick: New York Giants at Washington

New York Giants (-1) at Washington The Redskins are trending up while the Giants are not trending, but rather treading water in the NFC East. Both teams have been terrible at times and inconsistent throughout their first 10 games. Somehow both are still in the race for a division title. Using the OWR formula (rankings… Read more »

OWR NFL Week 11 Free Pick: Dallas at Miami

Dallas at Miami (Even) I don’t care if Tony Romo plays, in fact, Dallas could have three Tony Romo players and it doesn’t change the fact that Miami is a better team this year, oh and their home, that’s a big time bonus…can anyone say TWO locks of the week! (Note: Already looking at yachts!)… Read more »