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Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets and Free Picks

What’s better than betting on the Super Bowl? Betting on shit happening during the game, that’s what. Ever have a discussion around how many Bud Light commercials you will have to suffer through? Why not make it interesting and put money on it. Luckily most sports books are thinking of us during the big game…. Read more »

OWR Super Bowl MVP Analysis and Free Pick

The first bet we are going to look at is Super Bowl MVP. Now, picking the MVP pretty much also means you are picking your winning team, which is true, but doesn’t necessarily mean they beat the spread. This year it’s all about the quarterbacks, Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. There are others though you… Read more »

Best Super Bowl Prop Bets: Then And Now

It’s that time of the year, Super Bowl Prop Bets! Here at OWR we will make some bets, but let’s first take a look at a few of the best from last year. Will Marshawn Lynch be fined during Super Bowl Media Day?  Well, this looked like easy money, but to everyone’s surprise there were… Read more »

OWR 2016 NFL AFC Championship Game Free Picks

New England at Denver -3 Ironic how the year of the 50th Super Bowl we also get Brady vs. Manning part 50…wait, it only feels that old…Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are in different places these days, Brady is still elite while Manning is relying on his veteran savvy. Defensively, Denver has a slight edge,… Read more »

2015-16 NFL MVP Futures Expected Odds

The 2015-16 NFL Season is finally within reach – just over two more months! With that we begin looking at futures bets, today a look at some of the candidates for MVP. Given most sites have not starting taking bets it’s the perfect time to see what would be good value and at what odds… Read more »

OWR Week 13 NFL Fantasy Football Picks

Week 12 was all offense and if you had Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers, or anyone from the New England Patriots you had yourself a pretty good week. This week is Thanksgiving and the Cowboys are still relevant. In fact, I believe this offense is as good (if not better) than the Troy Aikman/Emmitt Smith/Michael Irvin… Read more »

OWR Week 10 NFL Fantasy Football Picks

For a second straight week it was the Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger were rewarded last week with huge numbers. Big Ben was Big Fantasy and Brees is finally putting up the numbers that had him going quickly in first rounds back in August. Those riding DeMarco Murray were sad to see his 100 yard… Read more »

2014 NFL Futures: Passing Yards Odds and Free Picks

One of my favorite futures bets is quarterback passing yards. Essentially, who is going to be throwing the ball all over like a gunslinger? You need to factor in attempts, receiving core and most importantly, health. Many QBs go down and looking at this year’s favorites that scares the hell out of me. As with… Read more »

2014 NFL MVP Favorites, Odds and Free Picks

NFL MVP Odds Free Picks 2014

The buzz for 2014 NFL football has started as well as the two most important questions, first, who is going to win the Super Bowl (not the Cowboys) and secondly, who is going to win MVP? Today we look at the latter, taking into consideration the current odds as well as some initial gut reaction…. Read more »

Super Bowl XLVIII Review

Well, if that wasn’t one of the worst Super Bowls you’ve ever seen, that’s nothing short of a sign of your age. That was one of the biggest blowouts I’ve seen in such a big game and easily the worst Super Bowl in the last decade-plus. Which means, unless you thought it was going to… Read more »