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Super Bowl 50: Final Thoughts

Do you have Super Bowl fever! I have Super Bowl fever and here are a few of my thoughts as we get closer to the big game. I can’t wait to watch Cam Newton I worry that Cam Newton’s overall dominance (in terms of years) will be shortened because he plays for Carolina Always order… Read more »

OWR Super Bowl MVP Analysis and Free Pick

The first bet we are going to look at is Super Bowl MVP. Now, picking the MVP pretty much also means you are picking your winning team, which is true, but doesn’t necessarily mean they beat the spread. This year it’s all about the quarterbacks, Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. There are others though you… Read more »

OWR 2016 NFL Championship Recap and Super Bowl 50 Thoughts

Well, at least one of the games was interesting which leaves us a Super Bowl of Denver vs. Carolina, let’s first take a look back at what we learned. New England at Denver Man, I was really wrong on this one. Clearly, I continue to underrate Denver’s defense Did I mention how impressed I am… Read more »

Super Bowl 50 Future Odds and Early Picks

Pretty much once we have a NBA Finals winner my focus turns to the NFL. Thank God Vegas is the same way. This week let’s take a look at the early odds and a few picks for Super Bowl 50 Favorites I Like Seattle at 6 to 1 and Green Bay at 15-2 are sucker… Read more »